Get a fix of your favorites or shake it up with something new—the Mini Bar is always game with top-shelf, made-to-play beauty for whenever the mood strikes.
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Neutral Chestnut (N-100)

16-hour, medium coverage matte formula

$20.25 $27.00
$20.25 $27.00
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Golden Pink

Does-it-all, budge-proof crayon

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Pink Glow

Pearlescent Glow on the Go

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Lived-in look & balm-like hydration

Explore mini and full-size favorites for face, eyes, and glow—now in ready-to-try sets.
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What is in the Mini Bar?

All our top-shelf essentials and new favorites, in convenient mini and travel sizes. To try, gift, or take on the go.

What is travel size?

Travel-size makeup products offer versatility for on-the-go beauty fans. Travel size generally means 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or smaller, which meets the maximum size requirements of the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) for liquid, aerosol, gel, cream, or paste products in carry-on luggage on commercial flights originating in, traveling through, or landing in the United States. These same regulations are followed by most airline carriers worldwide. (There are generally no size restrictions for products in checked luggage.) Bobbi Brown’s mini makeup, which you can find in our Mini Bar, is the same as the full-size counterparts, just in travel-friendly sizes that make them easy to pack and TSA approved for carrying on airplanes. This means you don’t have to forgo your Bobbi Brown favorites when on the go.

Can I travel with makeup?

No matter where you’re headed, whether it’s a destination wedding or a family trip, you most likely want to be traveling with makeup. While traveling in general can be stressful, bringing your makeup along with you doesn’t have to be. Before traveling with your makeup, consider what looks you will want to wear and what products you will need, and it’s a good idea to pack makeup products together for convenience when you arrive at your destination. Bobbi Brown’s Mini Bar has all our favorites in travel sizes, making them easy to pack, simple to keep on you for quick touch-ups, and small enough to carry on flights. If you’re wondering what to pack in your makeup bag, we can help—just talk to one of our artists.

What is deluxe-size sample makeup?

Deluxe-size sample makeup can refer to travel-size products designed for a limited time. Deluxe-size samples often include more product than a regular sample but are still small enough to travel with easily. That makes deluxe-size samples the perfect travel-size makeup because they contain more than a usual sample size while still meeting TSA carry-on requirements and taking up less room.

What should I pack in my travel makeup bag?

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, travel makeup essentials are easy-to-pack products that are part of your regular makeup routine. Some items you’ll want to place in your travel makeup bag are foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, and any tools you’ll need for a flawless, on-the-go application. Additionally, have travel-size skincare products like cleanser and moisturizer at the ready so you can keep your skin clean and hydrated as you travel.

What is the travel size for liquids?

The TSA has restrictions on the size of liquids that are allowed within carry-on luggage. Products containing liquid must be in containers with 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less, and all stored within a one-quart clear, plastic bag. This guideline includes makeup, perfume, hair gel, and other items. Luckily, Bobbi Brown mini makeup products come in containers that are in the approved size or smaller, so taking them with you on an airplane is frustration-free.

How can I gift makeup?

When gifting makeup, consider curating a little makeup gift set from the Bobbi Brown mini makeup collection, also known as our Mini Bar. Our petite sizes are a perfect gift for someone who’s looking to try our multifaceted formulas. Plus, it means your gift will travel with ease. If you’re unsure what makeup to get for others, give an eGift card so they can choose for themselves, or chat with one of our experts today for suggestions.

What makeup look suits me?

First, when considering makeup looks for yourself, it’s good to know where and when you plan to wear them, as that dictates the kinds of looks and the types of products you’ll want to use. When you have an idea of what you’re looking for, the best way to find out what makeup look suits you is by experimenting yourself or connecting with our artists virtually or in person. You can visit the Bobbi Brown website 24/7 for tools that help you find the right products and let you explore makeup looks to try. With our Virtual Try-On tool, you can see yourself in various shades of our bestsellers, right on your screen. If you’d like some advice from a pro, Bobbi Brown artists are available to chat in real time and to meet one-on-one at a complimentary session, either online or in person. Also, when you’re ready to buy makeup for your new look, you can purchase many of our bestsellers in mini sizes, so you can try them out, see what you think, and then upgrade to full size if you like what you get.